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JAKEWEAR™ is a trademarked name.  The name was inspired by Cleveland’s Ballpark, THE JAKE.  “(Forever the Jake)!”  ALL JAKEWEAR SHIRT DESIGNS on this website / store are  © JAKEWEAR™.   Use of the name, or any of the designs is a trademark and/or copyright infringement.  The name was established in 1994.

 offers “Original Cleveland Designs” (and other great designs like: the Great Lakes; the Lake Erie Islands; old Amusement Parks; and Nostalgia) that are screen printed or embroidered on the finest shirt fabrics available today.


Cleveland ~ Ghoulardi ~ Cleveland’s Historical Amusement Parks ~ Cleveland History and Nostalgia ~ Cleveland Skylines ~ Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Capital of the World ~  Cleveland Sports (Ghoulardians) ~ Route 66 ~ Songs of the 60’s, 70’s 80’s Decades ~ The Great Lakes ~ The Lake Erie Islands ~ Where We Shopped ~ Woodstock, and more.


JAKEWEAR™ Shirts are available at Craft Fairs, Festivals, County Fairs, Artisan Shows, Local Stores in Ohio, and other specialized Events!  Get your shirt today in our store, or at any of the JAKEWEAR™ EVENTS.



We specialize in custom Vector Graphics, Logo’s, and Illustrations.


In addition to creating ‘our own’ original JAKEWEAR™ designs, we also create original logo designs for schools, colleges and universities, businesses, churches, family reunions, bands, restaurants and other organizations.

JAKEWEAR™  uses a fair pricing policy and maintains the highest quality standards for our products.


JAKEWEAR™  Shirts are proudly worn in Cleveland and around the world.

See the JAKEWEAR™ SIZE CHART to find a perfect size for you.


All original designs and products are the sole property of Artwork by Shoe Inc. – JAKEWEAR™ – 2022